Like Sgt Oddball who saw the last river bridge blown up by Allied fighter-bombers in his binoculars, Heroes of Normandie fans saw the release date of the PC version pushed back a couple of times. But today is the day and finally PC players can get their hands on this adaptation of one of the most engaging and light-hearted board games released recently!

Developer Cat Rabbit has been focused on faithfully reproducing the core mechanics of the original version, which had the feel of a video game : fast-paced turns, a clear set of rules and a wide range of units with specific weapons and abilities. On top of that they introduced crazy characters in a new way from the 3 different armies (USA, Germany and the Commonwealth), and built brand new game modes to make the best use of the gameplay. 6 campaigns, a skirmish mode, 2 very challenging Rogue campaigns and a multiplayer mode where players can select pre-set forces or assemble their own army, come together for a furious and funny tactical experience.

Armchair generals and fans of comedy-war movies alike will surely enjoy commanding Oddball and his nutty friends on the battlefield and facing plenty of situations where dynamite, mortars, bazookas and… cows can turn the tide of an encounter!

Take one of the most modern, fun and engaging board games created in recent years. Match it with cutting-edge technology. Add a ridiculously well-crafted art style and a ton of extra content. This is the recipe to one of the most thrilling, charming and captivating strategy games you will ever find. 

Heroes of Normandie is fast-paced. You are placed in command of small squads in scenarios of varying sizes, in the middle of the D-Day campaign. In the spirit of the original board game, the game is bombastic and humorous yet full of subtle tactical decisions and features a vast array of unique units, equipment and abilities.

Plenty of ways to play: complete the three full-fledged campaigns, engage in a quick skirmish, survive through the rogue like mini campaign or challenge a friend in multiplayer. 

This game is chock full of content and as this is a game system more than a single game, expect tons of features to expand the experience in the near future. 


  • Three different armies (plus the French resistance) and three campaigns available from the get-go. 
  • Hordes of unique units, equipment and abilities for each nation. 
  • Idyllic countryside, rivers, bridges, buildings, sandbags, pillboxes wheat fields and boccage are all included in the core game: Normandie is brought to life. 
  • Quick battle mode with lots of pre-designed maps and pre-crafted armies to get you right into the action. 
  • Quick battles can be played in single or multiplayer mode. 
  • Innovative and light-hearted approach to strategy: action is fast paced but decisions are still interesting and meaningful.


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