Still in amazing condition, with minimal corrosion due to the lack of oxygen in the bog, this Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV) German assault gun was pulled from a bog in 2010 in Poland.  Imagine how horrific it must have been sitting inside of these tanks and such with shells hitting them, brings shivers down my back thinking of it.  

It looked like it could have been crossing the stream and the existing bridge collapsed, crew bailed out leaving stuff still aboard. Seems like Stugs were frequently left behind as a number have been found in bogs.  After being washed off they all had functional drive gear. The tracks still move!  Mud does wonders...  

What  was quite strange was the bit in the third video where they showed something that looked like some V-belts with "MADE IN GERMANY" printed on them.... in English?? The belts labeled "Made In Germany" were obviously made in pre-war molds. Those were rubber drive belts linking the engine flywheel with the alternator and coolant pump. They came in all sizes,  and before the war were the sort of thing that Germany would export to English speaking countries. It's sure that once the war started the factories saw no point in retooling the molds  just to erase the English .

Germany was a leader at that time in the production of synthetic rubber made from coal. The BUNA plant was one of  the chief manufacturers. I.G. Farben, the chemical conglomorate owned the plant and was using slave labor from nearby Auschwitz. Yet another legacy from the Nazi war machine. Terrifying!


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