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 HQ Comando Supremo) March 10, 2016

Our friend and relics finder, Christopher Laland, has taken some interesting pictures about Pre World War II bunkeres at Jåttå, Rogaland (Norway). 

There were a lot of these Pre-WW2 bunkers in the area, around 14 of these here in total. At least 6 are still standing as far as he knows. He had seen 5 of them. During his recent journey, he has found the 6th bunker. It's a MG bunker and it has two embrasures facing north and east. Although the bunker was closed, fortunately he managed to see inside through one of the embrasures. 

These bunkers are very important during World War II, because many of them was used by the Germans during belic conflict. 


Christopher Laland (Facebook)

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