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A historical overview of fate of the Mitchell B-25 Bomber and its crew, the wreckage of which lies close to Wongat Island and the shore of Papua New Guinea (PNG) near the city of Madang.

U.S. B-25 Mitchell Bomber shot down on August 5, 1943 by the Japanese during WW2. The B-25 rests in 15-25m of water inside the Madang Lagoon only a mile or so from its operational target. All main sections are still together including right engine and propellor, front guns and rear turrett, and some ammunition.

The wreck was discovered by ex-kiap and keen diver/wreck hunter David Pennefather in 1979. The ending image is an actual aerial photo of the B-25 Bomber after ditching in the lagoon.


Frank Lame (Youtube) - Stephen Permezel (Vimeo)

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