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This German Panther Tank is parked in the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster (DPM) or German Tank Museum in Munster, Germany.

This tank was sent to Sweden at the end or after the war for test purposes. It was given back to the Panzerlehrbrigade at Munster in 1960. Some years later it was handed over to the Panzertruppenschule. In the 80s the commander of the Panzertruppenschule initiated a total restoration. Also the original HL 230 was overhauled by MTU at Friedrichshafen. After some problems with the HL 230 engine and the lack of spareparts, the engine was replaced by a modern MTU Diesel. So the sound of this tank, while being moved, is not original. However it is in running condition.


Granumi (Youtube) | www.panther1944.de

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