Paratroopers from the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment jump from C47s flying at altitudes of 500-600 feet to begin the recapture of the island of Corregidor on 16 February 1945 in this footage from World War 2.  The paratroopers land on the golf course and parade ground near the barracks and headquarters buildings destroyed by the invading Japanese forces when they captured the island in 1942.

This was a combined airborne and amphibious operation and footage of the landing at San Jose Beach by elements of the 34th Infantry is included at the end of the clip.

Because of the small drop zones, the paratroopers were dropped 8 at a time in each of the three runs made by the 51 C47s taking part in this operation.  The narrator states that 2500 men were dropped in this operation, but only a total of a little over 2000 men were dropped in two operations.  From what I have been able to find, approximately 1000 men were dropped in this operation.

In spite of what the narrator says, the dazed Japanese quickly rallied and fought a pitched battle with the paratroopers on "Topside" later in the day.

Additionally, a good jumping off point for further information on the Battle of Corregidor can be found here:

Here is a clip from that article about the casualties suffered during this battle that lasted from 16-26 February 1945:

"The perfectly coordinated triphibious American assault to recapture Corregidor left the 503rd PRCT with 169 dead and 531 wounded. The 34th Infantry Regiment suffered 38 killed and 153 wounded. Of the 2,065 men of both lifts by the 503rd PRCT, about 280 were killed or severely injured. Three men suffered parachute malfunctions, and two men who collided with buildings died. Eight men were killed either in the air or before they were able to get free of their chutes, a further 50 were wounded in the air or upon landing. Several men were missing in action at the drop. The total injuries (not by wounding) on the drop were 210.

Japanese sources have estimated that there were about 6,700 Japanese on the island when the 503rd PRCT and 34th Infantry landed, of which only 50 survived. Another 19 were taken prisoner, and 20 Japanese stragglers surfaced after the war on 1 January 1946."

Public domain footage from combat bulletin 45 produced by the US Army Signal Corps' Army Pictorial Service.

Apologies for the fuzzy blob in the upper right corner of the video caused by having to remove a watermark.


Public domain footage from combat bulletin 45 produced by the US Army Signal Corps' Army Pictorial Service posted on my YouTube channel Historyflicks4u.

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