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 HQ Batallón) November 22, 2014

Vultee B-24s.- B-24s in Consolidated-Vultee Plant, Fort Worth, Texas. Part of the world's largest double aircraft assembly line in Consolidated-Vultee's Fort Worth plant. In foreground are "Liberator" bombers modified for special American uses. To the rear of this front line are C-87 "Liberator Express Transports" in various assembly stages. The second line is composed entirely of B-24 "Liberator" bombers in final assembly stages.

Triple lines for Lockheed "Lightnings.".- Mechanized Conveyor Lines - Triple lines for Lockheed "Lightnings." Overall view of Lockheed's new mechanized P-38 line. Moving continuously, slowly, yet as surely as the hands of a watch, these three mechanized conveyor lines at the Lockheed Aircraft Corp. more than double the daily output of the old assembly line. The P-38 "Lightning" fighters come down the line at the right and are shunted over to the middle line where they grow their wings and engines. They then move backwards to the far end of the huge Final Assembly Hangar to go out the door and into a nearby paint hangar where they are camouflaged. Working exactly as an automobile assembly line, this mechanized line at Lockheed is notable not only because it is the first continuously moving final assembly line for combat aircraft in the West but, it also does what many experts said couldn't be done by putting twin-engined "Lightnings" on a full production basis. The room shown here was completely emptied of airplanes, which meanwhile were completed on an impromptu outdoor line. In eight days, the new mobile line was set up ready to receive its new quota of airplanes.

Bell P-39 repair line.- To step up its delivery of Speedy Bell P-39 "Airacobra" fighter airplanes to American pilots in the South Pacific, the Army Air Forces Air Service Command put American production line methods to work in its repair docks at McClellan Field, California. Two and one-half million dollars worth of airplanes are getting overhauled by civilian Air Service Command workers at Sacramento, California preparatory to being sent against the enemy.




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