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 HQ Batallón) June 16, 2015

1943 Buick M18 Hellcat SN1240 Excellent Condition, Fully Restored. This vehicle was restored from an empty hull in 2012-2013. It has the more powerful R-975 C4 motor which makes it the fastest most powerful WWII tank you will drive. The motor was rebuilt in 2013 as well and runs perfectly. The tank has a little joe generator which is fully functional as well as a functional turret motor. Gun is not live, and the breech has been demilled.

The Hellcat holds the record for most effective American tank destroyer during World War II. It has a higher kill to loss ratio than any tank or tank destroyer fielded by American forces in World War II.

This video shows the speed and maneuverability of the M18. At the end it also shows how nice the engine is in this tank, almost zero smoke out of a radial engine.


www.hemmings.com | ww2mv (Youtube)

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