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The Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish militaries are clearing out their stocks of Soviet-era tanks to make way for NATO replacements. Mortar Investments, a Prague-based dealer, have bought the large array of used military vehicles to onsell, which means your dream could become a reality.

Mortar Investments’ Vojtech Svoboda told WIRED that “the things were purchased ridiculously cheap from the army, especially if one knew the right people.” Indeed.

Before your tank arrives the dealer will ensure everything is in working order and splash on a fresh coat of paint for an extra fee. But for some interested buyers, this might be the deal breaker: Your tank won’t be sent over until the machine guns are stripped out and a hole is cut in the cannon.

Check out the tanks on offer below:

  • Become an owner of the fabulous WWII T-34/85 "Tiger killer tank". Price from: $ 44,531.
  • Ride your own SU-100 Soviet tank destroyer based on a WWII model, produced short after the war. Created at the end of the Second World War on the basis of a T-34/85 chassis as a shot of grace to the last remaining German tanks. 1560 piece produced during the war, some 1000 after it. Price from: $ 72,363.

More ainformation at: www.mortarinvestments.eu


www.mortarinvestments.eu | www.news.com.au

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