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Heinkel He 115 b/c, 8L+FH 1./906 from the Luftwaffe Küstenfliegergruppe 906 Luftflotte, werk nr: 2398, had a hard landing on december 28th 1942 in Hafrsfjord, Stavanger, Norway. It lost one of the floats, capsized and eventually sunk. The Germans managed to save the floats and one of the engines before the aircraft went down. The crew of 3 escaped unharmed.

On 2 june 2012 the plane was raised, and returned home to it's former hangar, now housing the Sola aviation museum (Sola flymuseum). The plane is taken apart and will be stored in a large freshwater tank for 2 to 3 years to remove salt.

Then it will probably be restored. There is no other known Heinkel He 115 around in any museum. This is one of a kind. For more photos: flickr



TheFjordflier (Vimeo) | WW2HistoryHunter (Youtube) |JmHerigstad (Flickr)

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