When you make a scale model kit, the odyssey begins inside the fuselage, with the cockpit. The engine usually is a masterpiece of complexity and detail and is without some doubt, almost always, the most comprehensive example we can see in a kit. Here I leave you some of the best images about detailed engines and cockpits of Tamiya Fighter Plastic Model Aircraft Kits 1/32.  

The famous Nakajima Sakae 12 radial engine is fully detailed, with all the features that distinguish it from the engines mounted on the later Model 52. Engine mount, oil tank, main fuel tank, and other internal details can also be made visible. 

The model kit also includes a complete scale recreation of the cockpit, with the Type 96 Model 1 radio system and other features unique to the Model 21.

The Nakajima "Sakae" type 21 engine and the cockpit interior are rich in detail.

Both of them share the same cockpit. Structurally and mechanically complicated cockpit features realistic bulkheads and frames. It has exquisite details such as floor-less construction and the unique control stick.

Both of them share the same engine. Rolls-Royce Merlin engine features impressive details such as carburetor, supercharger, and intercoolers.

Packard Merlin 266 engine, which differed from the Merlin engines produced by Rolls-Royce, is precisely reproduced.

Detailed Mk.XVIe cockpit interior includes the front bulkhead and the fuel tanks mounted behind the pilot's seat.

Both of them share the same engine. Packard-built Merlin engine features impressive details such as a carburetor, supercharger, and intercoolers.

Both of them share the same cockpit. The cockpit interior is highly detailed as F-6D intervalometer and parts are included to depict early- and late-production seats and instrument panels.

Clear parts recreate the window in the bottom of the floorless cockpit, and are also used on instrumentation panel, lights and more.

Accurate cockpit reflects higher F4U-1A seat position, plus attendant changes to controls, rudder pedal, throttle lever and more.

Beautiful molding on the P&W R-2800 engine showcases its details. Cylinders and covers are recreated using separate parts.

The faithful recreation of the P&W R-2800 engine is something to behold, with sharp cooling fins. Parts included to depict initial type distributors (F4U-1A).

Detailed cockpit features staggered seats and radio equipment. Note 7.7mm machine gun ammunition belts.

Merlin 25 engines feature one-stage, two-speed supercharger parts. The connection of supercharger and landing gear support mirrors the real Mosquito.



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