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Awesome footage filmed in Normandy, France and Southern England in June, 1944. Title reads: "D-day - Greatest Combined Operation in World's History".  

Aerial shots of bombers over Northern France prior to the landings. They bomb coastline, "in softening of the German defences". Rockets are used to bombard Normandy emplacements, and fighter aircraft shoot grounded aircraft at aerodrome, boats and enemy fighters in flight. Shots are bit shaky as they are taken from plane but give good sense of battle.

Various shots of rows of Gliders and Dakotas on airfield waiting for departure. All have D-day markings - black and white stripes. Various shots of Dakotas taking off pulling gliders. Aerial shot planes in flight.

Various shot at port in Southern England of British soldiers boarding ships that will take them across to France. C/U of soldiers on board ship, one makes 'V' sign. Various shots of invasion fleet crossing Channel: ships of all shapes and sizes, large merchant ships, small landing craft. They have barrage balloons attached to them for protection as they mass in Channel. Aeroplanes fly above them. Note: short bit of spacing inbetween shots, followed by momentary picture slip.

Various shots off the French coast, warships' guns go into action, a barrage is laid down. We view scene from deck of Canadian warship. Various shots of men loading and firing artillery from deck.

L/S as the landing craft close onto the shore, German shells explode around them. Aerial views of invasion fleet and landing craft reaching beach. Various shots taken from landing craft hitting beach, American soldiers wade ashore. Smoke screens are laid to provide camouflage. Various shots of British troops coming ashore and trudging up beach, the battle goes on around them.

Various shots of the wounded being brought from landing craft onto main ship of the fleet. Some stretcher cases, others just minor injuries. Various shots of tank landing craft in British port, the wounded are carried off and helped into ambulances by Red Cross orderlies.

More shots of the landing craft crossing Channel, smoke of battle rises from Normandy coast. Craft and troops land on bit of beach taken by allies. Various shots of the U.S. troops going ashore with supplies, battle no longer rages.

Various shots of smouldering ruins of houses. C/U of army medic attending to wounded. M/S of troops in ruins of French railway station of Bernieres, a few French civilians chat with them. More shots of supplies being brought ashore, including tanks and Bren gun carriers. Various shots of German soldiers, some injured, being taken prisoner. 


British Pathé (Youtube)

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