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The Scandinavian Historic Flight A-26B, N-167B "Sugarland Express", was built in 1944 as a trainer version with dual controls. It served with the U.S. Air Force as a trainer and never saw combat. After its military career it was converted to a "Monarch 26" fast executive transport. This involved fitting a new rear wing spar to accommodate a cabin. It still has this interior, but on the outside it is restored to the looks of the U.S. 9th Air Force in WWII in Europe. The aircraft was acquired by SHF in 1986, and after a major restoration involving, among other things, extensive work to give the aircraft its military looks back, it was flown across the Atlantic to Norway in 1988. Since then, the lnvader has flown in many airshows all over Europe and serves as a fast crew transport for SHF.

Pilot and owner Jan Andersson flying A-26 Invader "Sugarland Express". No fast editing, just pure flying. Filmed summer 2015.


Jesper Rådegård (Youtube)

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