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 Teniente) February 01, 2016

Here is a quick look inside the WW2 Air Raid Shelter, at the former Camperdown Works, Lochee, Dundee. An atmospheric new video has revealed the hidden bunker which Dundonians may regularly pass by without even knowing it exists. The Lochee video comes from Donald Suttie, who has filmed and documented a number of  hidden bunkers and secret tunnels across the Tayside area. However, the bunker, at the former Camperdown Mill site at Methven Street, went unnoticed even to Donald’s trained eye until it was highlighted in the Tele.

 This was used during World War II, to protect the Jute Mill workforce from bombing raids on Dundee. While the former mill has been converted to luxury flats, the Air Raid Shelter still remains, but the question is for how long? There is currrently a proposal to convert the area to new housing.


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