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The UK trailer for his first indie feature film. Took him 5 years to finish this film. Made with $35000 and many hours rendering on his computer at home. No fancy studios or big crews. This is as indie as it gets. He envisioned this film as a short film, but he couldn't stop writing, and in the end, made a feature out of it. The film was released in USA on December 31st 2013. Shot on Canon 7d DSLR, on location in South Africa.

Went to Berlin film festival with the film, and signed an international distribution deal through Kaleidoscope Entertainment in United Kingdom. They acted as sales agents and got it released in over 25 countries, including USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, France, most of Europe actually, Japan, Australia, Russia and some South American countries (more).

It was a massive learning experience for him not just as a filmmaker and storyteller, but as a producer and how the industry works. Entertainment One distributed it. You can get it on iTunes or at Bestbuy and Amazon. He've also been told that it is available on Xbox live and Playstation network. Hope you guys enjoy.


Christopher-Lee dos Santos (Vimeo)

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