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 HQ Batallón) February 07, 2016

Test before paint job, engine.Pratt and Whitney R2800-32w whith 18 Pistons twin Super chargers. This plane is today under restoration by The Honduras Air Museum. The plane is a historic treasure. It was flew by Col. Fernando Soto. In 1969 armed forces from El Salvador invaded Honduras and Col. Soto flew this plane during this armed conflict. On July 17th, 1969 he shot down three enemy planes (2 Corsairs and 1 P-51 in the so-called "Soccer War"). All were down on a single day. Undoubtedly, Col. Soto was a pilot with the fiber of an Ace. He became a national hero. This plane has three victory marks on the fuselage.

One last interesting fact: This plane has the distintion of been the last one the world that participated in an air combat between propel driven airplanes, destroyed the enemy and came out victorious. 


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