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 HQ Batallón) October 12, 2016

If you are a World War II geek, surely you have been in Normandy and visited many of places which are shown in the following videos. Normandy is an emblematic place for everyone what love the history of World War II. Like Stalingrad, Midway, El Alamein, ..., Normandy will be remembered for being a turning point in the conflict. 

The landings that took place on his sands are very known. Probably the films about these facts have been a excellent way showing us what happened and who participed in them. "Save Private Ryan" and  "The Longest Day" are the most known, but there are many more.

On these videos you can see the Memorial Caen, Normandy Museum, the Batterie de Merville, the Bunker in Saint -Aubin-Sur-Mer, and the Batterie de Lounges-sur-Mer. These nice video have been made by AC-Adventures. Many thanks for share it! 


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