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During the Battle of Crete, in Greece, at late May 1941 a British Landing Craft Tank (LCT) was sunk by German planes, probbaly Stukas, and is located south of Balos lagoon (by some is confused with Gramvousa). According to the locals the LCT was carrying Lee Enfield rifles and had a crew of 5-10 soldiers and sailors. The conditions under which the vessel was sunk are not clear, nevertheless, more southwards next to the archaeological place of Falassarna a similar vesel is located, which was subject of an MA Thesis. It is located 10 meters deep around 15 meters away from the rocky shore, in a small cove. The wreck can be reached by private boat from Falasarna or Kissamos port, or from Balos laggon walk 15-20 minutes south to the small cove.



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