Near Christopher Laland's hometown, in Skjørestad Mountain - Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway, there's a site for a dramatic event that happened early in the war. Recently, he went up there to see what's left. Most of the plane is today gone - but one of the wings is still there. Smaller parts are also lying around if you know where to look. Here are some photographs of them.

The story of this crash is as follow. In the evening of 4th November 1940 a He 111 H-3 (1H+HK) was on the return to Sola Airfield from sortie against industrial targets over Scotland. On it's way towards Sola it got on wrong course and crashed into the mountainside at Skjørestad Mountain. All 4 crew members of the Heinkel bomber died in the crash - all in the age of 22 to 29 years old. They were carried down the mountain the day after and buried at a local German cemetery. After the war they were moved and buried in Havstein War Cemetary in Trondheim, Norway. The Heinkel was from Kampfgeschwader 26 "Löwengeschwader".


  • Unteroffizier / Pilot Josef Mendler (b.1914 in München)

Death Card (Sterbebild) of Unteroffizier / Pilot Josef Mendler. He was 27 years old. [Via Christopher Laland - Via]

  • Oberfeldwebel / Navigator Otto Stuckmann (b.1911 in Nordhausen)
  • Unteroffizier / Radio operator Erhard Reisch (b.1918 in Kattowitz) 
  • Unteroffizier / Mechanic Wilhelm "Willi" Zeckey (b. 1917 in Quallewitz)

The reason why it crashed is not known to this day, but it was a bit cloudy over the mountains that evening so bad sight could be a reason. Witnesses have said they saw fire in one of the engines so engine failure could also be the reason.




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