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This video was filmed during the Duxford Flying Legend on 11 july 2009 at Duxford (GB). You can watch impressive scenes and shots of these beautiful planes. You is going to have reason if you say that the Buchon it was not a German fighter. Yes, it was a Spanish version of the Me 109.  

You can think also the Buchon is both underpowered and butt-ugly. Even, they shouldn't paint it in Luftwaffe colors. Nevertheless, it's impressive overall, if you are only an amateur and you are not familiar with technical features. You can think this Buchon is a really original Me 109.  

On the other hand, the FW 190 however is something else! Although if it had it been powered by a Daimler-Benz inline frame the beginning it would have performed even better than it did.  Essentially, it's a replica aircraft not conforming to 100% original blueprints and can't by type-certified as a FW 190.  Flugwerk did make a number of changes and their parts are not direct-fit replacements for an original Fw190.

The engines are Russian-designed, Chinese ASh-82 14-cylinder radials to replace the hard-to-find BMW. They were a good choice being similar in size, weight, and power as the original BMW 801. 


David De Breucker (Youtube)

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