Dragon, Meng-Model and Takom show us their "Super Heavy Tank" scale model. These armoured fighting vehicle are beyond Heavy tanks. This is just a small sample. There are  others made by other manufacturers, but I think be enough to get you started. Thank all manufacturers and modelers.

  1. U.S. T28 Super Heavy Tank by Dragon

This must surely be one of the most astonishing kits from Dragon this year! The excitement begins well before modelers open their box lids to reveal Dragon's first ever T28 Super Heavy Tank! And when they do view the contents, their jaws are sure to drop!

The size of the model is simply overwhelming - more than 300mm long! The double track runs are made from brand new DS tracks, and the outer tracks can be detached just like the real ones should a modeler decide to opt for this configuration. The gun barrel is produced in aluminum. This was a monster of a tank, but Dragon has been careful to fill it out with sharp detail and easy-to-assemble components. The American T28 takes Dragon's title as the new super heavy tank of its 1/35 kit range!

  • Newly tooled T28 rendered w/details
  • Newly designed suspension system and realistically represented road wheels
  • T28 can be assembled in either combat or travel modes
  • On-vehicle tools reproduced
  • .50-cal machine gun w/pedestal mount on casemate roof

  • Cupola hatches can be assembled open/closed
  • Hatches on engine deck can be assembled open/closed
  • Round-shaped trunnions w/cast detail
  • Bolted connecting plate for mantlet
  • Aluminum gun barrel
  • Track-removal jibs reproduced w/crisp detail
  • Delicate cable guides molded on T28 side
  • Intricate storage box provided
  • One-piece lower hull offers easy assembly

  • Intricate upper hull assembled from separate pieces
  • Slide-molded one-piece hull body
  • Bogies w/plunger springs reproduced
  • Detailed sprockets w/fine details;

  • Idler wheels have detailed parts
  • Horns and protective brackets realistically reproduced
  • DS tracks reproduced w/refined detail 

Unboxing and model showcase by oddball759mm:

  1. French Super Heavy Tank Char 2C by MENG-MODEL

This 1/35 scale French Super Heavy Tank Char 2C plastic model kit precisely replicates the features of the first riveted super heavy multi-turret tank designed during WWI. Lights are provided with clear parts. All grilles of the engine compartment are represented in PE parts. Cement-free workable tracks are easy to assemble. Paint options are offered for three vehicles. Total length: 293.2mm; Width: 85.2mm.

This Giant Is More Massive Than Its Contemporaries With Beautiful Structure.

One-Piece Slide-Molded Turret Is Perfectly Represented With Rivet Details.

The Giant Engine Compartment Has Rich Details And The Air Intake Grille Is Represented By Precise PE Parts.

Small Turret Is Molded In One-Piece By Slide-Mold Technology To Ensure Structural Integrity And The High Level Of Detail.

Geometric Shape Of The Tank Is Represented Faithfully.

Unique Early Type Running Gear Is Reproduced As The Real Structure And Ball-Mounted Machine Guns Are Rotatable.

The Hull Is Delicately Represented With Rivet Details And The Grille Will Be Enhanced With PE Parts.

Workable Track Links Can Be Assembled Without Cement And It Is Movable After Assembly.

Building guidance by Mengmodels:

  1. British A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank by MENG-MODEL

The 1:35 scale plastic model of the British A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank is 293mm in total length and 111mm in width. Its huge general shape is accurately reproduced, and the large area of casting texture and weld seam details of the fighting compartment greatly increase sense of reality. The 94mm long barrel gun can turn like in the real tank and the solid gun mantlet is accurately reproduced. The travel lock can lock the gun like a real one. The MG in the front ball mount can rotate freely. All hatches can be assembled open or closed. Complicated wheels and staggered torsion bar suspension system are perfectly modeled.

Being Developed As Per The Real Tank In The Tank Museum In Bovington UK, The Model’s Giant Body Is Full Of Sense Of Pressure And The Model Is Extremelyattractive Asa Super Heavy Tank.

The 1:35 Scale Body Is Shaped Accurately And All Details Are Reproduced Exactly, Requiring Only A Little Time And Energy To Finish It.

Perfectly Modeled Details Of The Uniquely Shaped Fight Compartment As Well As Fine Molding Technique Present The Casting Traces On Armour Surface As Attractive As On Real Vehicle.

Cast Steel And Roll Steel Armour Plates On Top Of The Fighting Compartment Are Reproduced Accurately With Delicate Angle Changes Being Perfectly Represented, Even The Rough Weld Seams Are Reproduced As Real Ones.

The Big Gun Mantlet Molded In One Piece Is Reproduced Accurately And Can Elevate And Transverse Like Real One. A Well-Designed Movable Travel Lock Can Lock The Gun As The Real Vehicle.

Detailed Armour Plates Of Engine Are Of Strict Modeling And Rich In Stereoscopic Impression. Numerous Bolt And Latch Details Are Completely Reproduced.

Finely Reproduced Staggered Torsion Bar Suspension System, Detailed Link Tracks And Wheels Will Bring You Brand New Modeling Experience.

Building guidance by Mengmodels:


  1. Soviet Super Heavy Tank KV-5 by TAKOM

The Takom 1/35 Soviet KV-5 Super Heavy Tank from the plastic tank model kits range accurately recreates the real life Soviet prototype super heavy tank designed during World War II. 

Building review by ScaleModelAlberta:

  1. German E-100 Heavy Tank "Nachtjager" by Dragon  (photos from World of Tanks)


The E-100 was never completed by Henschel, but Dragon has succeeded in finishing off the massive E-100 in 1/35 scale. In a magnificent “what if” item, this E-100 is made to exacting standards in Dragon’s 1/35 range of plastic kits. The model is made even more exclusive by the inclusion of infrared night vision equipment, meaning it is able to reign in the hours of darkness. 

This kit offers unparalleled potential to modelers wishing to create a “futuristic” scene and vehicle, and to let their imaginations run wild!

  • Night vision equipment made from multiple parts for -maximum detail
  • Bonus Nachtjager figure set

  • Photo-etched part for engine deck grill
  • Cartograf decal


In box review by TacticalJackalope:


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