The Jagdpanther was a German tank destroyer; it had a fixed gun (i.e. no turret) and was based on the chassis of the Panther tank. To accommodate the gun the sides of the Panther tank were extended up to provide a roomy interior, while maintaining a very low profile.

It was armed with the same long-barrelled 88 mm gun as the Tiger II, and a 7.92 mm machine gun in the hull (front glacis plate). Despite the limitations of vehicles without turrets (limited gun movement left/right) the Jagdpanther was considered a very good machine. A powerful engine gave it a good power to weight ratio. This meant that jagdpanther had a good performance in the battlefield. Camouflage was easy due to its low profile.

All this made the jagdpanther widely and rightly feared, it especially excelled in defensive positions. Based on the existing Panther chassis, it did not suffer too many mechanical problems.

Around 400 were produced in 1944 and 1945. They equipped Heavy Tank Destroyer Battallions and served mainly on the Eastern Front , though significant numbers were concentrated in the West for the Ardennes Offensive.

Captured by soviet forces Jagdpanther 328 Eastern Front [Via World War Photos]

Abandoned Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther with zimmerit 1945

Jagdpanther number 123 and M36 Jackson Hamig Germany 1945 [Via World War Photos]

A knocked-out Panzerjager (tank destroyer) V Jagdpanther SdKfz 173 is examined by an American soldier, probably of the 9th Army. While the date and place of this photo is disputed, the red primer on the vehicle, the soldier's uniform, and the absence of leaves on the trees probably indicate that it was taken during the Americans' advance into Germany in March-April 1945 [Via World War Photos

[Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther of the schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 655 destroyed by Canadians, Reichswald. March 1945. Late production model. Note the size of the shell at the front. A fearsome weapon [Via World War Photos]

[Via World War Photos]

[Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther 214 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther 212 – Falaise Normandy1944 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther 823 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther and C-47. Operation Market Garden, Holland 1944 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther winter [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther of the schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 655 March 1945 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther 123 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther of the 3/schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 653 [Via World War Photos]

Jagdpanther after war [Via World War Photos]

[Via World War Photos]

[Via World War Photos]

[Via Mundo SGM]

Jagdpanther of the schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 563, East Prussia [Via Gazeta Turystyczna]

[Via Panzernet]

[Via Panzernet]

Jagdpanther of the schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 654 in Normandy [Via Panzernet]

Jagdpanthers destroyed, probably at the Battle of Bulge [Via germanpanzerww2]

[Via Youtube]

Abandoned Jagdpanther at Hargarten/Germany [Via World of Tanks]

Private W.G. Lourie examines a German Jagdpanther which was put out of commission by the first shot from an Ordnance Quick-Fire 17-pounder gun of the 6th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, in the Reichswald; Germany - 16 March 1945 [Via Ner-Maquettes]

Captured Jagdpanther and Panthers ausf.G [Via Flickr]

Captured Jagdpanzer IV and Jagdpanther [Via Flickr]

Jagdpanther 34 late in Hungary [Via network 54]

Jagdpanther 328 late in Hungary [Via network 54]

Jagdpanther 325 late in Hungary [Via network 54]

Jagdpanther destroyed by air attack near Altenkirchen [Via AlbumWar2]

Knocked-out Jagdpanther tank destroyer near Gheel, 13 September 1944 [Via Wikimedia]

A knocked out Jagdpanther south of Cleve, 1945 [Via National Army Museum]

One of several Jagdpanthers knocked out near Gheel (Velveeken), 1944 [Via National Army Museum]

A captured German Tank Destroyer "Jagdpanther" during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944 [Via Pinterest]

Captured Jagdpanther and Panthers [Via Amorama]

[Via forum.axishistory]

The outstanding firepower of the 88mm gun, excellent mobility and low elegant silhouette made Jagdpanther a formidable opponent when correctly employed. Its combination of protection, firepower and mobility made it a superb tank destroyer. Overall, the Jagdpanther was probably the best tank destroyer produced during the World War II, but it was introduced too late to have any serious impact on the situation.


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