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Black-and-white video tells the history of the U.S. 2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels" in combat action during World War II. From the United States Army film MISC. 7864 produced in 1951.

Tanks, halftracks, infantry, artillery, and engineers. Soldiers training at Fort Benning. General Patton. Light tanks advance at high-speed during maneuvers. Pontoon bridge crossing. Training of invasion teams at Norfolk, Virginia. Operation Torch in North Africa, 1942. Into Algeria. Training for Sicily landing. Invasion of Sicily. German Marders and StuGs. We knocked the "H" out of Herman. Advance over blown roads and bridges. Reached Palermo. Another boat ride to England. First combat-tested armor to hit Great Britain. The big show in France. Training stepped up. Churchill visits. D-Day invasion. Landing at D+3 on Omaha Beach. Slugging it out with the Germans at Carentan. Hedgerow country. Used tanks as battering rams. St. Lo breakthrough. Tessy sur Vire. Cerences. M4 Sherman tanks advance. Sweat, blood, and tears. City fighting. BAR. German armor. Mortain counterattack. Destroyed Panzer IVs and Panthers. Picking up speed to the Seine. Thousands of prisoners. U.S. tanks attack. Destroyed German 88mm and vehicles. Into Belgium and Netherlands. Crossing German border. Soldiers and tanks firing. Siegfried Line. Westwall bunkers. 2nd AD as part of Ninth Army. Soldiers advance behind U.S. tanks. Fighting around Aachen. Resumed offensive. Battle of the Bulge. German Tiger IIs advance. Panzers in action in Ardennes. Engaging the 2nd Panzer Division. Artillery and antiaircraft. Destroyed German tanks and captured prisoners. Meeting Patton's Third Army. Bulge is sealed off. New offensive. Panther destroyed in Cologne. Pontoon bridge over the Rhine. 17th Engineers bridge the river. Hitting the autobahn. Linking up with 3rd Armored Division. More prisoners. Attack rolls on into north Germany. Beginning of the end. Reaching the Elbe. 45,000 prisoners captured. Marching in Berlin. First U.S. division in Berlin. President Truman arrives. Spit and polish. Finally, 2nd AD starts home. Fifteen unit citations. Peacetime duties at Fort Hood, Texas. Back into the field for training. Ready to go overseas. New weapons and new men. Always will be "Hell on Wheels".


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