Sherman M4(105) HVSS with 2 GM 6-cilinder diesel engines, armament primary 105 mm Howitzer, M4 in Mount M52 in turret, running gear T80 double pin 23" width, rubber and steel, turret off revised, in running condition, used on the film set of Fury, permit needed, y.o.m. approx. 1945, engines overhauled 2014

A total of 800 M4s were built between February and September 1943, a further 500 M4A3 versions were built between April and August 1944.

As further refinements were made to the Sherman design, the Horizontal Volute Suspension System (HVSS, for short) was incorporated into the M4A3 (105mm). This made it much easier to replace damaged road wheels and the new wide track improved the tank’s off-road performance. Together this gave the M4A3 (105mm) HVSS a much improved ride and far better flotation over soft ground.

Detroit’s Finest

The Ford V8 engine improved the performance of the M4A3 series of tanks. Its power gave them a good top speed, while its robustness and reliability allowed them to take advantage of this without worrying about breaking down.

Protected Ammo

Many tanks are destroyed not by the enemy shell but by their own ammunition being hit by white-hot fragments of armour and exploding. The chances of this were minimised by providing a safe place for stowing ammunition within the vehicle such as an armoured compartment or inside a water-filled jacket.

Wide Tracks

Some excellent tank designs have successfully utilised wider tracks, allowing them to cross almost any terrain.

Slow Traverse

Most tanks were either fitted with power traverse or had turrets that were light enough to be quickly swung by hand. Some designs suffered from heavy turrets lacking power traverse.

Detroit Tank Arsenal M4 (105) 'Sherman' HVSS with 76mm turret [Via]

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