In July 1941, one month after the Nazi Germany has attacked Soviet State, there was an unusual exhibition on one of the Moscow squares - a  German Junkers Ju 88A-5. It was a scout plane that has got deep into Russian territory and was shot down by the Soviet fighters. The crew of the German plane was four people which are marked as missing in action in the German archives. Five days later they recovered the plane and brought it to Moscow so people could see a sample of the huge armada approaching the Soviet capital. We can see it too on this photos:

The plane crew managed to land in the forest, that's why the plane itself was recovered in pretty good state. Whether or not has the crew survived we don't have any information. They might have been killed by locals as well as just lost in the vast woods around.

Five days after the plane was shot it was found and pulled out of the woods.

To be displayed on the Theatrical square of Moscow. It was a symbol of first victories of the Soviet air force. 



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