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 HQ Comando Supremo) September 10, 2016

A Liveleak user put together a beautiful video mashup collection made up of photographs of women from World War II.

Many of the women who fought in WWII weren’t actually employed by their government, so they did not qualify for war benefits. They were seen as inferior to men, and less able to do the same tasks. That changed however when they were put into their roles and were as good, or even better, than the men they were trained to replace.

One incredible story was about a group of female pilots, whose favorite attack technique was to pull back on the throttle, gliding towards their target silently before dropping the bombs on the enemy. Nazi troops said they sounded like “witches on broomsticks,” so the name stuck. They became “Night Witches.”

Incredible, right? We hope you enjoy this photo montage of some of the most beautiful and most powerful women of World War II.


(Source: http://libertyviral.com/)

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