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 Teniente) June 21, 2016

The Pak 43 was the most powerful anti-tank gun of the Wehrmacht to see service in significant numbers. Three of these canons can still be found in the Ardennes (Hochfels, Wiltz and Troisvierges). This one is in a pretty bad shape and is located near the panoramic view of Hochfels. 

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Guernsey's World War 2 German Military Underground Hospital is the largest World War 2 tunnel complex in Guernsey. Construction of the Underground.

This video shows the World War 2 German tunnels which can be found easily in Guernsey. They are as follows: Talbot Valley, Le Havelet - Val...read more

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 HQ Batallón) June 05, 2016

Watch the "Pointe Du Hoc Bunker Story." This video gives viewers a first-hand look at the observation bunker on the cliffs of Omaha Beach. Constructed during World War II, this bunker served as the nerve center for the Germans at Pointe Du Hoc.

Geert Van Den Bogaert walks you through this...read more

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 Teniente) May 29, 2016

This German Panther Ausf G tank belonged to the 2nd SS. Panzer Division. It was abandoned in a field maybe because it ran out of fuel on 26 December 1944. In de 80's it was recovered and placed at the Grandmenil crossroads.In the years souvenir hunters stole many parts of the tank.

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 Teniente) April 11, 2016

In Alexeyevka, Belgorod Oblast, Russia, on public display, there is an old ISU-152 Tank Destroyer. Around mid-1943 the Soviet army had the assault gun SU-152. It was a mounted ML-20 152mm howitzer-gun fixed on top of a KV-1S tank chassis. It was intended for use against German fortifications...read more



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