It's a very rare chance to own a piece of istory. An incredible model that must be seen and truly appreciated that look a master craftsman 10 years to built.   

This scale model is unique in the world and it has been built to a massive scale of 1/240th. The scale model is 91'' long, 12'' more


The Musashi was the second ship in the Yamato class of battleships, which were the largest battleships ever built, built by the Japanese Navy. Her most distinguishing features were her 9 huge 46cm guns, which had a range of 41km and could penetrate 43cm of armor plating at a more

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Hammer of the IJN. For six months, Akagi and the other carriers of the Japanese Navy were the terrors of the seas. From Pearl Harbor to the Indian Ocean, Japanese planes rained ordinance on Allied warships. The rate of damage these ships inflicted was severe, but it could not be more

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