Even before the U.S. entered WWII, the 37mm gun was rendered relatively ineffective against enemy tanks as they had evolved with thicker armor since 1939. It was dropped from the armament of U.S. medium tanks when the M3 Lee was supplanted by the new line of M4...read more


The standard anti-tank gun of Germany’s forces in September 1939 was the 3.7cm PaK, which is often but apparently erroneously referred to today as the PaK 36 or PaK 35/36. This was an excellent weapon that first saw real action in the Spanish Civil War, but by...read more

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Design of a horse-drawn, 3.7 cm anti-tank gun (designated 3.7 cm Pak L/45) by Rheinmetall commenced in 1924 and the first guns were issued in 1928. By the early 1930s, it was apparent that horse-drawn artillery was obsolescent, and the gun was modified for motorized transport by substituting...read more

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