Policies and rules

These are some of the rules, included in our Conditions of use and Legal notice, that you must bear in mind when you use Global Socialplace WW2live:

  • The registered user must be the sole copyright holder of the content that he/she publishes or have the expressed authorisation to publish, make publicly available and permit third party use of them.
  • The user will continue to be the sole copyright holder of the material after its publication.
  • The user must respect the intellectual and industrial property of others.
  • The registered user who collaborates at Global Socialplace WW2live authorises, non-exclusively, the use, housing, storage, reproduction, publication, public viewing, display, distribution, transmission, modification, adaptation and creation of derivative works, on a global scale, without any fees and with the right to sub-licence. This use is not absolute and is limited to the functions and aims of Global Socialplace WW2live. All material must not be offensive to third parties or censorable.


Other important considerations to bear in mind are the following:

  • You must be careful about our Policy of Privacy and our Policy about Cookies.    
  • Our contact with you shall be made via Electronic means only.
  • WW2live is a registered trademark of Your Whishlist E-Commerce, S.L., its graphic representation, as well as its commercial business image are forbidden to be used by any unauthorised third parties selling products/services that are not a part of our business.
  • The confidentiality of your account and your password, once they have been established on registering at WW2live, are your sole responsibility. And, therefore, so are, all the actions carried out from your account and in the use of your password. The personal information that you give us on registering must be correct and up to date and you are the only person responsible for keeping it that way. Non-compliance with our Conditions of Use and Legal notice.
  • We will not take responsibility for the content of your contributions, information, etc. from the web links copied and pasted on our Global Socialplace WW2live site.
  • Global Socialplace WW2live is allowed to make any changes to its service or vary the conditions applied to it, being applicable, in such a case, those which are in effect at the time the service is being used by you.
  • The use of Global Socialplace WW2live for Publishing and sharing content is reserved for persons over 18 or, if the case may be, for minors with parental or tutorial consent.

Global Socialplace WW2live is non-political and does not in any form support or uphold Nazi, fascist, racist, sexist ideologies or indeed any others that infringe or violate human rights. Descriptions and narratives of historical events as well as Web and Blog links and access to Forums and articles about such matters must be treated as references only and or for a historical purpose.

It is very important that you read these rules carefully, as any non-compliance of them will result in your content being eliminated permanently from Global Socialplace WW2live and may even result in your user account being removed from our site.