In our customer-focused relationship, below are the most common questions and answers, which we have laid out to help you in your experience with us at Global Socialplace WW2live:

About identification and registration

Why can’t I sign in?

There are many reasons why you may have a problem signing in. First, make sure your username and password are typed and correctly introduced. If that is the case, and you still have a problem, get in touch with the administrator and make sure you have not been excluded.

Why do I need to register?

It is necessary to register in order to upload contents to Global Socialplace WW2live. It is not necessary to do so if you are only subscribing to its fortnightly news bulletin and keeping yourself abreast of all the new contents available at Global Social & Marketplace WW2live. However, having registered with us, this will give you access to all the offers available to Club WW2live members and allow you to have a personalised profile (avatar). It is all at the touch of a button and is highly recommended.

I have forgotten my password!

Not to worry! Relax! If your password can’t be recovered, you can simply deactivate it or change it. Visit our home page and go to sign in and click on ‘I have forgotten my password’. Follow the instructions and you will be identified and will be able to use your account in no time at all.

I am registered but I can’t sign in!

The first thing to do is check your username and password. If they are correct, there are two other possible problems. The first is that you may have mistakenly indicated that you are under 14 or your account may not have activated itself. At the end of this process you will be sent an e-mail with information and instructions to follow to activate your account. If you do not receive any e-mail from us, it is highly likely that the e-mail address you have given us is not correct or it has been sent to your spam folder. If you are sure that your e-mail address is correct and you don’t receive any notification from us, please send an e-mail to the administrator. 

I registered some time ago but now I can’t get connected!

Revise the message that was sent to you initially on registration and check your username and password and try to log in again. It may be the case that the administrator has deactivated your account or deleted it for not complying with the conditions of use at Global Socialplace WW2live.

Why can I not register?

It may be the case that the administrator at Global Socialplace WW2live has banned your IP address or the username with which you are trying to register. Get in touch and query the administrator if you feel that this may be the case.


About my personal data as a member of Club WW2live

How can my settings be changed?

If you are a member of Club WW2live (registered user), all your personal data and settings are stored on our database. To change them, simply visit our user control panel. This will let you change your data and preferences.

How can my HQ rank status be changed?

The HQ rank ,which appears below your username, indicates the number of contributions made by the user. In general, you can’t change your rank status as it is determined by Global Socialplace WW2live.Please do not upload material that is not interesting for the site network in the hope that it will improve your rank status. This will be considered an abuse of the system.

How can I check my “Supply Points” account balance?

On the user control panel you will have all the information relating to your current “Supply Points” account balance, alongside which, there will be all your uploaded and published material and the dates, since registering, on which they increased your account balance. Also, you will find information about your purchases and your account balance and if you have decided to use your “Supply Points” in the purchase of our products/services at Global Marketplace WW2live.


About uploading content material

How can new content material be uploaded or sent to be published?

To have your new contributions published on our site at Global Socialplace WW2live you must be registered as a member of Club WW2live.

What type of content can be uploaded, sent and published?

Global Socialplace WW2live has selected 10 topic categories to which you can add your content material. There are 9 formats where your material can be assigned and published : Articles (news, opinions, blogs, etc.) Notes (news, opinions, blog, etc.), Documents, Photos, Vídeos, Audios, Links, Events and Directory. Follow the instructions that come with the form. We encourage you to share all the relevant material that you may have (personal accounts, essays, documented reports, checks, reviews, images, photos, scenes, forums, support, * etc.) which make a reference to the topic areas that are covered in the sections and sub-sections.

What is the function of the "Save" button in the Content Publication?

Used to save the contents posted and send to the Administrator for verification and publication.

How can content already uploaded or published be edited or removed?

Once content has been published Global Socialplace WW2live is the sole administrator, deciding if the content should be edited or removed.

Why do my messages need to be approved?

The administrator at Global Socialplace WW2live will run periodical checks on content published in all the different categories, even before their publication.

How can newly published items be searched for?

Using one or various search words in the search box. The search result will appear classified in accordance with the category where the content can be found depending on the type of content that it is. The order of the search will begin with the most recent publication.

Can content be shared on social network sites?

Yes, you are allowed and encouraged to publish your own content and those of other Club WW2live members. In this way our online community can help a little in understanding all the events that surround this tragic period in human history.

Can other online users make valued judgements and comments about published content?

Yes, you are allowed and encouraged to make valued judgements and comments regarding content published at Global Socialplace WW2live. By doing so we can reward and value the work done by members of our community and help ourselves improve the overall content and, likewise, generate debates around specific items of interest.


About using Global Socialplace WW2live

Why did I receive a warning?

Global Socialplace WW2live has Rules and Conditions of Use which users must comply with and respect. Any user who doesn’t comply with them will receive a warning and possibly an expulsion from the online community.