Get “Supply Points”

Global Socialplace WW2live will reward your taking part in our online World War 2 community by giving you ”Supply Points” which can be used to trade when you shop online in the Global marketplace WW2live.

How can you get your “Supply Points?

To get started accumulating “Supply Points” you must become a club WW2live member.

Sign up at WW2live Club 

  • Start up your “Supply Points” account by signing up at Club WW2live. Your profile will start to grow. On completing your registration we will put 25 “Supply points” into your personal account.

  • For every 10 contributions* that you make in a month at Global Socialplace WW2live we will top up your personal account with 5 more “Supply Points”.

  • On reaching the rank of “HQ Regiment”, “HQ Division”, “HQ Army”, “ HQ Supreme Commando”, your “Supply Points” will be multiplied 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 times respectively.

* Contributions made at Global Socialplace WW2live are subjected to the legal terms and agreements established in this virtual community.

Furthermore, if you are a Global Marketplace WW2live customer, your Supply Points account will be increased for each product or service that you purchase and for accumulated purchases, too:

  • Each purchase of 5€ or more will yield a 2% return on its value in the form of “Supply Points”.
  • As a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum member of Club WW2live with a proven purchase record, Global Marketplace WW2live will multiply your “Supply Points ” by 1.5,2,2.5 and 3 times respectively.

Find out the advantages of joining ClubWW2live

The “Supply Points” are part of our customer and user loyalty program at Global Social & Marketplace WW2live.