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In compliance with the information stipulated in article 10 of the law 34/2002, on 11th July, Society Services Information and Online Business, Your Whislist E-Commerce (hereafter, WW2live), in function as the title holder of website, proceeds to communicate the identification details requested in the aforementioned law:

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The information presented here conforms with and regulates the conditions of use, the limitations of responsibility and the obligations which users of the web page, published under the domain name, assume and promise to respect.


“Page,” henceforth, domain is at the disposal of web users.

“User,” henceforth, any natural or legal person who uses or navigates on the page.

“Content,” henceforth, are the web pages that make up the totality of the domain and which make up the information and services provided by WW2live to internet users. Included in these are: messages, texts, photographs, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, audio or image files, recordings, software, appearance*, graphic design and source codes, and in general, any kind of material contained on the web page.

“Web,” is the technical term that describes the access system to internet information, which is set up using pages put together in HTML language or equivalent and programming mechanisms such as Javascript, PHP or other resulting from these designed pages published in the internet domain, the internet user has at his disposal the information that the domain title holder provides.

“Hyperlink,” is the technique by which a user can navigate on different pages or on the internet with a simple click on the text, icon, button or indicated space that directs the user to the link.

Conditions of Use

Global Socialplace WW2live works as a manual content aggregator with the aim of providing quality material that is original and complete, to be shared by its owners and likewise material collected and shared by third-parties, which our social network members want to share with other World War 2 enthusiasts. Global Socialplace WW2live would like to become an instrument in creating a source that provides original information.

By simply using the page this implicitly grants one's condition as a user of the page and implies the user's full, complete and total acceptance as a page user, whether it is in person or in a lawful role, of each and every clause and general condition included in the legal notification. In the case whereby a user is not satisfied with the clauses and conditions hereby stipulated in the legal notice, he will refrain from using the page.

This legal notice is subject to the change and constant updating of the published version made by WW2live, thereby, on a regular basis, making the page different each and every time the user accesses the web page. Therefore, the user must read the legal notice on each and every occasion that he accesses the page.

Through the use of the web page, WW2live users are given access to, and use of, different published content material contained on the internet on the aforementioned web page (WW2live) or on third party authorised pages.

The user is obliged to declare his intention of using the Page and its Content within the current legal mark, its legal notice, and any other notices or instructions that are made known to him, whether it is through this legal notice or any other place in the Pages' Contents, being norms of conduct, good manners and moral respect that are generally considered acceptable.

Likewise, the user is obliged to declare his intention not to use any of the contents for illicit purposes or ends, prohibited in the legal notice or by current legislation in place or by causing damage to the rights and interests of third parties or which in any way can cause harm, make unusable, overload, deteriorate, or impede the intended normal use of the Content, the computer hardware or documents, files and all types of contents stored on any privately owned computer hardware or contracted by WW2live, from other users or any other internet users (hardware and software).

The user is obliged to declare his intention not to transmit, divulge or put at a third party's disposal any class of material contained on the Page, such as information texts, details, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, audio or image files, photos, recordings, software, logos, brand names, icons, technology, software, links, graphic design or source codes or any other material that he has had access to, in his capacity as a user of the Page, without having a limited authorisation to do so.

Thus, in conformity with all that has been stated previously, the user shall not be allowed to:

  • Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or in any way communicate in the public domain, transform or modify the contents, without the explicit written authorization granted by WW2live, being as it is the holder of the corresponding rights except in the event that it is legally permitted to do so.
  • Delete, manipulate or in any way change the "copyright" and other identification data reserved in the rights held by WW2live, of its title holders, of the digital fingerprints and/or identifiers, and/or any other established means through which identification is verified.

The user must refrain from getting or attempting to get content by using means or procedures which are not compatible with the intended use by which they were, depending on the case, put at the user's disposal on the web pages where the contents are found or, in general terms, those pages which are habitually used on the internet and which do not pose a risk to data or deactivation of the Page and/or the Content.

Intellectual Property

All of the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs which appear on the page are property of WW2live, or in such a case, of third parties who have authorised their use, and the use and access to its site and its Content does not in any way attribute rights to the user over brands, commercial names and/or distinctive signs and, this being understood, that, no rights have been ceded to the user regarding the exploitation rights that exist or could exist over that said Content.

In the same way that Content is the intellectual property of WW2live, or in such case, of third parties, so, are the rights of the intellectual property held by WW2live or of third parties and it is they who authorise its use to those with the exclusive control over the exploitation rights of the said intellectual property in any way, and, especially, in the reproduction of, distribution of, public communication of, or transformation of its Content.

The non-authorised use of the information contained on this Web and, likewise, any damage to the intellectual or industrial property of WW2live or of third parties included on the Page who have surrendered contents, will give rise to the following legally established responsibilities.


Those persons intending to establish hyperlinks between their web page and the Page must observe and comply with the following conditions:

  • Prior authorisation shall not be necessary when the Hyperlink only allows access to the page but it does not allow for the reproduction of the page in any way. Any other form of Hyperlink access will require the express and unequivocal authorization granted in writing by WW2live.
  • No creating of “frames” is permitted with any web pages nor over the WW2live web pages.
  • No false, misleading, defamatory or derogatory declarations shall be made about WW2live, its directors, workers or collaborators or about the persons who socialise on the Page for whatever reasons, or about the users of the page or the content supplied.
  • It is not declared or understood that WW2live has authorised the Hyperlink or that it has supervised or assumed in any way the content offered or put at the disposal of the web page in which the Hyperlink is established.
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established shall only contain what is strictly necessary to identify the destination of the Hyperlink.
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established shall not contain any information or content which is illicit or contrary to morals and generally accepted ethical conduct and public order, nor shall it contain any content contrary to third party rights.

Availability of the Page

WW2live does not guarantee the inexistence of interruptions or errors in the access to the Page, to its contents, even though the page is updated, though WW2live shall make the best effort to, in such a case, avoid, eliminate and update them. Therefore, WW2live does not hold itself liable for any damage or harm caused to the user which results from errors or disconnections in the telecommunication network, which may result in the suspension, cancellation or interruption to the website service during or prior to the provision thereof.

WW2live disclaims, with the exceptions contemplated under applicable law, any liability for any damages of any kind which may result from the lack of availability or continuity or quality in the functioning of the Page and the Content, or for failure to meet the expectations of usefulness which the users may have attributed to the Website and the Content.

The function of the Hyperlinks that appear on this Web is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other websites that contain information about the material. These Hyperlinks do not constitute a suggestion or recommendation to any websites.

WW2live does not hold itself responsible for the content of the stated page links, of the functioning or utility of the Hyperlinks, nor the result from these links, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in these links which may produce alterations to the computer system (hardware and software), the documents and files of the user, excluding itself from any responsibility in relation to damages of any kind which have been caused to the user by this occurrence

The access to the Page does not imply an obligation on the part of WW2live to control the absence of viruses, worms, or any other computer damaging elements. It corresponds to the user, in every case, the availability of adequate tools which detect and disinfect computer damaging programs, therefore, WW2live is not held responsible for the possible errors of security that may be produced during the provision of service of the Page, nor the possible damage that may be caused to the computer system of the user or third parties (hardware and software), the documents and files stored on the system, resulting from a virus on the user's computer used for the connection to the services and contents of the Web, of the malfunctioning of the browser or of the use of versions on it, which have not been updated.

Quality of the Page

Given the dynamic of the environment and the changing face of the information and services that are supplied on the Page, WW2live makes its best effort, but does not guarantee the complete veracity, exactness, reliability, usefulness and/or the up to date relevance of the Content.

The information contained in the pages that make up this website merely have an informative, consultative nature or in the form of advertising. In no case do they offer or have a binding or contractual nature.

Limitation of Liability

WW2live denies all responsibility for the decisions that the user makes based on the information, and, likewise, for the possible typographical errors that the documents and graphics may contain in the Page. The information is subject to possible periodic changes without prior notice to its content due to the extension, improvement, correction, or updating of the Content.


In any way that they be made by WW2live to the user, all notifications and communication will be considered effective, to all intents and purposes.

Availability of the Content

The service provided in the Page and the Content it contains has, in principle, an indefinite period of duration, however, WW2live is hereby authorised to terminate or suspend the service provided by the Page and/or any of the Content at any time. When it is reasonably possible WW2live shall give a prior warning about the termination or suspension of the Page.

Personal Data Protection

WW2live is aware of the importance of privacy and the nature of personal data protection and, for this reason, it has implemented a policy in respect of the treatment of data and focussed on providing the maximum security possible in its use and gathering, guaranteeing the compliance of the existing rules and regulations in force on the subject; making this policy one of the basic cornerstones of the entity's management plan.

During the navigation through the web personal data may be requested through different forms provided for such a purpose. This data shall form part of relevant folders set up with a final, predetermined and specific function which is the collection of that said data.

In this way, the individual information of each processed data shall be presented along with web forms, being common to all, to the person responsible for the file; Your Whislist E-Commerce S.L.,  en la calle Muro, número 2. 11170 Medina Sidonia (Cádiz), and likewise it shall be the place and means by which rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition can be exercised which must be formalised in writing to the cited address above, and be accompanied with a copy of a valid, legal identification document ( DNI, passport, etc.) .

Once a user becomes registered on the web, his personal data will be incorporated into a data file, whose end purpose is to manage his personal account, get information regarding an order or product, and manage the subscription for the newsletters, in such a case.

In the event that the data is provided through the medium of an electronically mailed message, this shall form part of relevant folder whose end purpose is to manage the request or comment that he is making, being applicable the rest of the conditions cited in the previous paragraph.

Furthemore,WW2live has set up technical and organisational measures necessary to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of personal data that interested parties could get as a consequence of the access to the different sections of the website, applying the protection measures contemplated in the Royal Decree 720/2007 of December 21st by which the regulation implementing Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, for the protection of personal data, was approved.


With regards to any questions that may arise over the interpretation, application, and compliance of the present Conditions, and likewise the complaints which derive from its use, all the parties involved shall subject themselves to the judges and tribunals of Cadiz (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.