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Uploading/Adding an item to Global Socialplace WW2live!

Global Socialplace WW2live works as a manual content aggregator with the aim of providing quality material which is original and complete to be shared by its owners and likewise material collected by third-parties which our social network members want to share with other World War 2 enthusiasts.  

Before sharing your material don’t forget that Global Socialplace WW2live does not set out to store all fully existing content on the web, as this is only possible if their authors give their consent to do so. The main objective is to classify and order all content relating to World War 2, direct online traffic with its specific information to related pages, blogs, forums, etc. in order to display and reward the work done by fans and experts in their field. Also, let’s not forget the following:

  • You have to be a registered member of Club WW2live.
  • Observe our Policies and Rules.
  • When you upload duplicated content from third parties you must either be the author/s or have the author/’s legal consent to do so.
  • When you upload fragments of material from third parties make sure you clearly cite the author/s and make reference to the website as the original source in the section with this format (Source: author - ...web).
  • If you wish to form part of our group "Web Friends" don’t forget to tick it in the registration form and comply with the additional technical requirements so that your web image is seen correctly.
  • Classify appropriately your content in the proposed categories.
  • Improve your classification and search results by organising them with tags and lists (language resource, nation in conflict, war diary etc.).
  • The scope at Global Socialplace WW2live will allow your content to constantly be seen in whatever language resource that is selected.
  • All content sent to us will be checked.
  • Your Username and IP address are recorded. Please, do not abuse the system.

Now, it’s time! You can choose the type of content that you would like to upload and share with our online community:



Global Socialplace WW2live is non-political and does not in any form support or uphold Nazi, fascist, racist, sexist ideologies or indeed any others that infringe or violate human rights. Descriptions and narratives of historical events as well as Web and Blog links and access to Forums and articles about such matters must be treated as references only and or for a historical purpose.