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 HQ Batallón) February 26, 2017

USS Wisconsin (BB-64), one of the "fast battleship" designs planned in 1938 by US Government, was the third of the four completed ships of the Iowa class of battleships. Her keel was laid down on January 25, 1941, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. She was launched on December 7, 1943 and...read more


The USS Yorktown was the pride of the U.S. Navy when first launched. The keel of the aircraft carrier BonHomme Richard was laid down December 1ne, 1941, six days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The vessel was renamed USS Yorktown (CV-10) in honor of the original carrier ...read more


The Battle of the Philippine Sea, 19-20 June 1944, was the last of the major carrier aircraft battles of the Pacific War, a series of battles that started in the Coral Sea in 1942. It is sometimes called the "First" Battle of the Philippine Sea since the Battle for Leyte Gulf in October 1944 is...read more

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 Lieutenant) June 01, 2016
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In this episode we’re in the Pacific in 1943 looking at the exploits of Lieutenant Hugh Miller. After his ship the USS Strong is sunk he washes up on a Pacific island terribly injured. It’s is a remarkable story of...read more


In June 1942 the most modern aircraft carriers in the US Navy and IJN were the USS Enterprise and the HIJMS Zuikaku. This video gives you an overview on the dimensions, defensive capabilities and aircraft of these Yorktown and Shokaku class carriers.read more


USS New Jersey (BB-62), a 45,000-ton Iowa class battleship, was built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania. Commissioned in May 1943, she spent the rest of that year in the western Atlantic and Caribbean area. New Jersey went to the Pacific in early 1944 and conducted her first combat...read more


The Battle of Leyte Gulf between Japanese and U.S. forces took place 70 years ago.

In 1959, reflecting on the Battle of Leyte Gulf from a distance of 15 years, TIME declared that the World War II engagement — between the Japanese navy and U.S. troops on and around the island of Leyte,...read more

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