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 Lieutenant) June 28, 2016

Panther Ausf. A with the number 211 from the Musée des Blindés, Saumur (France) was kept in perfect condition since 1945. It was overhauled in 1980 and is still in running condition.

This Panther was built by MNH in June 1944 and has the chassis number 155506. It is in running order and...read more


These footage wer filmed during the last weekend of June 2013 for a big reenactment show in Saumur, France. Panther Ausf A on the Chardonnet square for the reenactment event: Saumur en Uniformes, June 2013

The city is famous for is calvary school regiment and is castle on the Loire and...read more


The collection was collected by someone who was both a witness to the conflict and involved in the reconstruction of Normandy. Personal items from individual soldiers and armoured fighting vehicles from the six armies in Normandy will be presented as a series of dioramas showing over 35 vehicles...read more

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