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For decades, it has been unclear what caused the SS Coast Trader, a U.S. cargo vessel, to go down near the western coast in 1942. A recent investigation of the wreckage has cleared up quite a bit about the incident. Though officials attributed the sinking to an onboard boiler explosion, many...read more


Experience the first view of a World War II-era Imperial Japanese Navy mega-submarine, the I-400, lost since 1946 when it was intentionally scuttled by U.S. forces after its capture. It now sits in more than 2,300 feet of water off the southwest coast of O'ahu. The 400-foot sub was the largest...read more


The remains of the aircraft carrier ex-USS Independence now rest in the northern region of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Although the wreck site location was known, the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer conducted the first multibeam sonar survey of the Independence site on July 22, 2009....read more

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