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 HQ Batallón) June 14, 2016

Walk around this world war 2 era American M10 Tank Destroyer, commonly known as the Wolverine. This early example of a dedicated tank destroyer was based on the ubiquitous Sherman Tank and its hull and turret shape make it one of the most easily recognisable WW2 combat vehicles.

This tank...read more


American WW2 M10 Wolverine tank destroyer from the Saumur Tank Museum, being presented to the public during the "Concours International de Maquettes 2016". In this video can be seen some revs of the 2x GM 6 cylinder engine, and also the tank being driven.read more


The collection was collected by someone who was both a witness to the conflict and involved in the reconstruction of Normandy. Personal items from individual soldiers and armoured fighting vehicles from the six armies in Normandy will be presented as a series of dioramas showing over 35 vehicles...read more

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