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During the interwar years the US army had worked to develop a light weapons carrier, but by 1940 the ‘perfect’ vehicle had not been found. The war in Europe focused minds in the American army and in June it compiled a list of requirements for a revolutionary new truck to replace the mule as more

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Chinese soldiers capture the walled city of Tengyueh from Japanese defenders during WW2 eliminating a major obstacle to the linking of the Burma and Ledo Roads.  Air support is provided by dive bombers of the 10th and 14th US Army Air Forces operating from bases in China and India. more


Resourceful US Soldiers near Nettunia, Italy rigged up 4 bazookas to fire together and mounted them on a Willys Jeep.  Wish there was more footage.

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The National WWII Museum and the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) are excited to announce a truly thrilling upcoming event: For one weekend only, WWII AirPower Expo 2014 takes over the tarmac at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, featuring a fleet of legendary aircraft of World War II — fully...(find more about the event)

New Orleans Lakefront Airport

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