The US Navy launched a massive attack against the "japanese Pearl Harbor". Truk Lagoon was the major supply harbor in the south pacific, welcoming up to 1 000 vessels at a time. In feb, 1944, it has not only merchant ships, but also a significant part of the Japanese war fleet : more

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On 23 october 2014, members of the Museum Deelen Airbase found a Messerschmitt 262 in a farm field near Deelen airfield (Arnhem, The Netherlands). This 262 was shot down on the 12 of september 1944 near the village Elden. The pilot Uffz. Schauder was killed. The germans took the wreckage more


This Bf 109 was built in 1939. It was known to have flown in battle of France and the battle of Britain as an E1. After upgrade to an E7 it was delivered to the eastern front where it was flown by the highly decorated German pilot Wulf- Dietrich Widowitz. He was shot down by a lend/lease more

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In this video we explore an abandoned WW2 Royal Australian Air Force forward operational base on foot (no metal detecting in this video) in search of the remains of a radial engine reputed to be lying in the bush. We didn't discover the whereabouts of the engine, but instead some more



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