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 Lieutenant) January 01, 2017
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In this episode we’re looking at the plight of those Jews fleeing Poland who headed east into Russia after the German invasion of 1939. It’s a story I wasn’t at all familiar with.

Angus is joined by Annette Libeskind Berkovits.

Annettes father Nachman fled the Polish City of Lodz, more


The world may never know just how many people died as a result of Hitler’s cruelty.  The numbers of those who perished can sometimes test our ability to see them as anything but numbers; anonymous, except to those who knew them.  The same could more


On the third day of his visit to Poland in Summer 2016, Pope Francis visited the former Auschwitz death camp. The pontiff walked slowly through the gate into Auschwitz, under the sign Arbeit Macht Frei - meaning "work makes you free". Here I leave a stunning drone video made by BBC shows more



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