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 HQ Batallón) September 11, 2014

To commemorate the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan by telling its story, preserving its artifacts, and paying tribute to the thousands of Air Force personnel, who gave their lives during WWII.

During the Second World War thousands of young Canadian men and women, as well as some from other countries, enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  By the end of WWII the R.C.A.F. was the fourth largest air force in the world.   Canadians also joined the Royal Air Force, Naval Fleet Air Arm and Ferry Command.   Between September 1939 and August 1945, 18,039 died serving these British Commonwealth forces.   Members of the British Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Air Force came to Canada to further their training, of whom 1146 lost their lives in or near Canada.

The 300 foot airfoil-shaped granite wall, watched over by a bronze airman, has been erected on consecrated ground.   The names and ages of these young men and women have been etched on this wall as a permanent tribute to the ultimate sacrifice they made for our freedom.

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