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Once Britain’s Best Kept Secret, today Bletchley Park is a heritage site and vibrant tourist attraction. Open daily, visitors can explore some of the iconic WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks and marvel at the astonishing achievements of the Codebreakers whose work is said to have helped shorten the war by two years.   Public interest in Bletchley Park has grown enormously over the past few years and the number of visitors to Bletchley Park in 2012 was 150,000.

Bletchley Park is run by the Bletchley Park Trust, a charity formed in 1992 to preserve the site for the nation. Today, the Trust is working towards transforming Bletchley Park into the world-class heritage and education site it deserves to be. Work is currently underway to create a new Visitor Centre within Block C where Hollerith punch-card machines carried out rapid analysis of encrypted message systems to assist the Codebreakers. In parallel the iconic Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6 will be restored and opened up for visitors. Along with breathtaking new exhibitions, these buildings will be opened in mid-2014, to significantly enhance the visitor experience at Bletchley Park.

Exploring Bletchley Park with the fascinating new Multimedia Guide: 


  • Hitler's "Unbreakable" Cipher Machine: Gallery dedicated to telling the story of the breaking of the Lorenz cipher.  
  • The world's only fully-operational Bombe rebuild - the electro-mechanical device used to mechanise the process of breaking Enigma
  • The Life and Works of Alan Turing gallery
  • The largest and most comprehensive public display of Enigma machines in the world
  • A Home Front exhibition - How people lived in WW2 
  • The Japanese Challenge: Breaking the Japanese Codes 
  • Bletchley Park Timeline - How the work of Bletchley Park influenced key WW2 events
  • From Intercept to Action - the Codebreaking process explained


  • The Office of Alan Turing, Head of Hut 8
  • Royal Pigeon Racing Association exhibition, explaining the use of pigeons in WW2


  • The Office of Alastair Denniston, Head of the Government Code and Cypher School, and the room where the US Special Relationship was born.
  • The Library, atmospherically dressed as it would have looked during WW2 as Naval Intelligence office.
  • Wartime Garages, complete with WW2 vehicles.

HUT 11:

Hut 11,wartime Hut that housed the Turing-Welchman Bombe machines - now newly restored and refurbished with an atmospheric exhibition giving a voice to the women who worked the machines in the Hut they dubbed the "Hell-Hole".

Opening hours: 


Bletchley Park is open to visitors daily except 24, 25, 26 December and 1 January.

WINTER OPENING (1 November to 28 February)

  • From 9.30am to 4.00pm   
  • Last admission 3.00pm

SUMMER OPENING (1 March to 31 October)

  • From 9.30am to 5.00pm
  • Last admission 4.00pm

Please note the gates will open at the times stated, above, and limited, free parking is available on-site.  Please be aware that a visit to Bletchley Park involves both indoor and outdoor activities. Please wear outdoor clothing and footwear to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Bletchley Park has full disabled access throughout the site. A number of wheelchairs are available for visitors to use, although we cannot provide people to push the wheelchairs.

 Non-commercial photography and videoing is permitted in all displays and exhibitions.

Due to our commitment to preserve our wildlife, we do NOT allow dogs on-site or to be left in vehicles on-site, except for Registered Assistance Guide Dogs. 

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