In the decades after World War II, rumors swirled through Argentina that German submarines carrying Nazi war criminals and booty landed in Patagonia, Argentina's vast southern wilderness. What is believed by experts to be the wreck of a World War II Nazi submarine has been found washed up off the coast of Argentina this week by a group of Norwegian tourists during a two-week-long bike trek through the country.

The mini German U-boat has been hidden beneath the seas off Argentina for roughly 70 years.Researchers believe the wreck of the mini German U-boat were likely washed ashore after violent undersea currents during earthquake that shook Chile last September 2015. This is the farthest of any known WW2 German submarine wreck ever found.


This find is already exciting the imagination of WW2 historians. Fernando Martin Gomez, WW2 historian and professor at University of Buenos Aires, believes this mini submarine might have been used for the sole purpose of bringing Nazi high ranking officials to South America at the end of the war. His reserach estimates that at least 5,000 Nazis fled to Argentina after the war. But this kind of military vessel must have been used only for a distinct few, possibly for top ranking officials of the Nazi organization, he told the Buenos Aires Times.

Winston H. Hollinger, professor of History at University of Oxford, explains that the data clearly shows a large number of German high officials fled to South America after the end of the war. The idea that Hitler fled to South America is only now being more and more accepted by academic scholars, the World News Daily reports.

Recently declassified files have revealed that an estimated 9,000 Nazis fled to South America in the aftermath of the Second World War. Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the campaign to kill European Jews, hid in Argentina until he was captured and hanged by the Israelis. Josef Mengele is known to have found a home in Argentina, and many believe that Martin Bormann also lived in Patagonia.  


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