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In this video we explore an abandoned WW2 Royal Australian Air Force forward operational base on foot (no metal detecting in this video) in search of the remains of a radial engine reputed to be lying in the bush. We didn't discover the whereabouts of the engine, but instead some fabulous aviation related finds including the complete top engine cowling from a R.A.A.F P-40 Kittyhawk in a rubbish dump. To finish off we come across the wreck of a D.A.P. Beaufort bomber hidden in the bush! Please note that no relic hunting or metal detecting is carried out in the area of declared historical wrecks or memorial sites - as ex-R.A.A.F. members we treat these sites with the utmost respect. Thanks for watching and subscribing. www.nqexplorers.com

Technical Note: The air intake on the P40 top cowling is actually the carburettor intake, and not the oil cooler intake as described in the video.


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