This German Panther Ausf. A tank was found in a bog near the town of Spola (Ukraine) in ... (date unknown). It still has its original paint and markings. Blown up by own troops next to Tscherkassy now is on display at the Technikmuseum Sinsheim (Germany) nearly unrestored, minor faults in the resotored sections. 

As you can see from the pictures, it suffered extremely heavy damage from an internal explosion. Basically the entire left side of the vehicle is missing. The early word is that the museum is going to display it as is, rather than trying to restore it, which I agree is the right thing to do.

The Panther was the best all-round German tank of the war and although conceived as a medium tank, at 45 tons and with frontal armour over 100mm thick, it could easily be rated more highly.

The Panther’s thick, sloping front armour was copied from the Russian T-34 but the main gun was a weapon that far excelled anything the Russians possessed, the high velocity KwK 42 L70, which was capable of penetrating any Allied tank in service when it was first introduced.

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