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The name 'Akagi' means 'Red Castle' in Japanese, named after a Mountain Range. Akagi was the famous Japanese Aircraft Carrier which led the assault on Pearl Harbor and was the vanguard of the pacific war for the following six frantic months. She was finally lost in dramatic circumstances during the Battle of Midway during which four Japanese carriers were destroyed, significantly weakening Japanese assault capabilities.

This ship scale model is beyond amazing. It's probably the greatest small model You have ever seen. It's amazing detail on an impressive scale. I leave several images of the finished model, but if you are an geek modeller and you would like to built a similar diorama, you should see the building process on this forum.

According to the modeller, he "settled on seating the completed model into a transparent container which would retain a substantial ocean of neat bubble bath of a gentle blue-green colour. Whilst some people expect to see a deep green colour, a glance at the various documentaries in which ships are sufficiently shallow in depth to show the sky, the sea remains a resolute bright blue - but the blue\green colour was necessary in the case of my diorama to remove the very stark bright blue colour of the display which otherwise would have been obviated. However, the actual wreck is very deep - too deep for daylight to be anything other than a distant memory - remotely piloted vehicles, when one day they do find the wreck, will find themselves in a vista of colourless water which is likely to be almost crystal-clear. The site is sufficiently distant from land that silting will not trouble the setting - I'm advised that around 5mm of silt and debris from dead plankton will settle every thousand years. The wreck itself other than the damage, and inevitable corrosion from chemical and bacteriological sources, will appear to have little more than a fine layer of house dust over its entirety".


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