“Heroes of World War II – An insider’s account” Hero is a word thrown around without much regard for its true meaning in this day and age, in this eBook you will discover stories of true heroes who will make you beam with pride and feel a true sense of what being a hero really means. Within the book you will find the diverse stories of the true heroes of World War II told in great detail by this passionate writer, marvel at their trully heroic acts told in stunning detail and find yourself routing for them as you walk in their shoes through their stories. One of the true heroes of this book is American hero Joseph Beyrle, an inspirational paratrooper who was successfully dropped behind enemy lines numerous times during the war. Joseph's acts did not end with paratrooping however, you will find yourself engrossed as you hear how he also single handedly blew up a power station, got his British wings while on secondment with the RAF, mezermisingly got shot in the arm in a row over a sack of potatoes and twice escaped after capture from the German forces. Joseph’s compelling and inspiring story of bravery is just one of many incredible journeys in this book which will have you gripped from the first to last page and unable to put the book aside until you have devoured it all. Other stories included in this book are: • Yakov Pavlov – known as the Hero of Stalingrad and the Hero of the Soviet Union. • Robert Henry Cain – the Tiger killer. • David Vivian Currie – the Canadian tank ace. • Bhanbhagta Gurung – a legendary Ghurka who was awarded the Victoria Cross. This eBook is suitable for historians of any age and anyone who wants to learn the true meaning of the word hero and wants to hear some of the most incredible stories of heroes, legends and incredible human beings.



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