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In spite of the Me-110s early obsolescence as a day air superiority fighter, the aircraft soldiered on throughout the Second World War. In particular, the Me-110 served as a highly effective night fighter and also saw extensive duty as a ground attack fighter-bomber.

The Bf 110 wasn't poorly conceived. It's just that Germany didn't have any other fighter with more than outright short range, pressing the Me 110 into roles, against advanced adversaries, and  it wasn't suited for it. People seem to forget that it did quite well '43 against unescorted bombers over Germany and as nightfighter.

It was an excellent design; it was the tactical theories of the mid 1930's that were poorly conceived. At the time, there was no alternative. Single engine fighters simply didn't have the range to escort bombers, or the speed and climb rate to be interceptors. Bombers in the mid 1930's were faster than fighters, and the only way to keep up was to use two engines. They simply didn't have any engines powerful enough. It wasn't until later that they got engines powerful enough to make single engine fighters fast enough to be competitive. 


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