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Tiger II "Königstiger 213" at the December 44 Museum, La Gleize, Belgium. This Tiger with Fahrgestell number 280273, was made in the Wegmann & Co, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany in 1944.

Tiger II "213" was used as a command tank by SS-Obersturmführer Helmut Dollinger, during the final battles around La Gleize, on December 16. 213 and another Tiger 221 and a PzKw IV were defending the Werimont Farm high ground on the outskirts of La Gleize.

Dollinger in his "213" and SS-Untersturm-führer Georg Hantusch in his 221 opened up on around 15 US tanks coming from Roanne but scored no hit. The American tanks fired back and blew off the front third of Dollingers tank's gun.

After the war the Americans were helping to remove all the abandoned military equipment. Madame Jenny Geenen-Dewez bought the tank in July 1945 from the American troops that where clearing the village. "Price: a bottle of Cognac".

The imposing Tiger was moved into the main square of La Gleize and later restored by using part of an original Panther barrel welded to the remaining part of the Tiger barrel, and a Panther muzzle brake from one of Skorzeny's disguised tanks left near Malmedy.


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